Event Project Management Services


In the busy world of special events, event managers can often have their hands full with managing all phases of an event. At GlenSource, we can help take some of the load off of busy event managers and we can help manage all phases of portable sanitation, temporary fencing, solid waste, and clean up services. 

Service Consolidation

We can provide a customized service package for your event, be the primary point of contact for all services and logistics, and provide you with one invoice to help consolidate your services. Just leave it to us, and we will handle all of the rest. 


Management Services Only

If you would like to use your own service providers, you can still partner with us for our Project Management Services. Just look at it as we are an extension of your event staff, but we would bring nearly 20 years of specializing in environmental services management experience to your event. 

We would love to help be a tremendous asset to your event and your organization. Contact us today to see how we can help bring value to your site. 

one call can do it all